3T Karma tells the miraculous story of Tina Tran a strong-willed Vietnamese immigrant to Toronto with a hard past


Tina is an awesome life coach and she is very connected to the people she helps because of her life experiences


Tina built a temple with her sister Minh Tran in Hai Duong, giving food to those who are homeless and two orphanages.


Tina Tran, a boat survivor, was born in the Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam to a very poor family, with 9 brothers and sisters.


Tina Tran was born in Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, known for its spirituality as Dragons Bay, the sky reflecting off emerald seas with over three thousand towering limestone islands. Tina was a boat survivor, and a teen mother who lost her infant son at sea during typhoons. She was homeless, begging for foods for 45 days on China land, a Hong Kong camp refugee, fighting for freedom during her journey to chase her dream.

Tina started her performance career at the age of 8, as an actor, opera singer and dancer. She was one of 6 girls and 6 boys, from over 2,000 students chosen every 3 years for the government scholarship program at the Ha Long Bay Art School. At the age of 14, she was disconnected from her family, travelling around North Vietnam performing at nights and studying during the days. At the age of 15, Tina was at the border of China, in what was known as Death City with her production team, during the bitter legacy of the 1979 China- Vietnam War (boat people time). She was there for two months, at great risk, performing to support the Vietnamese army.

Coping with a new culture and language barriers as a landed refugee in Canada, without any family or friends, Tina struggled but managed to support her poor, large family back home. Through passion and commitment and her love for acting, it wasn’t long before Tina was drawing the attention of directors and producers in the film industry. She was nominated for the Best Classical Kisser Female Vietnamese Star in her first Vietnamese/Canadian movie. Tina starred in her second movie, Rock & Rap, which was voted Best Movie of the Year in 1997. Her third movie, in a starring role in the art film My Mannequin, was selected for the Toronto Library Multicultural Art Department.

Torn between her family and acting career, Tina turned down several opportunities to go to Hollywood for the sake of her kids. Life was upside-down again for Tina, when her family back home called for her urgent help. In order to save one of her sisters from a death sentence, and the other from a life sentence in prison, Tina had to make quick money. She turned to a life of crime and became a powerful force as a drug lord. She was known and respected as a peacemaker between gangs. When her organization began to crumble, she voluntarily wrapped up the case, by getting herself busted.

Through court, she met her second husband, a Vietnamese criminal lawyer. He defended her and she paid for her time and left the criminal world behind, becoming manager of her husband’s law firm. Through her twelve years of working with her husband, Tina helped thousands of families and troubled youth, bringing them back to a normal life. They had two beautiful boys together.

Depicting a real life story of hardship, struggle, love, and success, 3TKarma demonstrates the strength of a family’s generations, the ever undeniability of hope, and the timism that exists in the world if you just choose to see it.