3TKarma tells the miraculous story of Tina Tran, a strong-willed Vietnamese immigrant to Toronto with a hard past. It is a portrayal of her struggles and successes as she tries to support her family and live righteously in a new country. Being raised in a family with a Buddhist & spiritual background, her soul is known to be the same as Snow White, not the Disney masterpiece, but an ancient Vietnamese commander from the past. It is also believed that her late brother, who died when he and Tina were children back in Vietnam, had also been her one and only soul mate.

Being lost without his spiritual guidance, Tina finds herself entangled in the fast life of sex, drugs, and Toronto’s underground rave culture. Soon finding herself as a high roller in the night life scene, she is pushed to a point at which she knows she is in over her head. Through the effects of law enforcement and violence, her organization starts to crumble until it is she who is in legal trouble.

Tina’s arrest led her to discover  her  love 3TKarma through a Vietnamese lawyer, Anthony. With the help of Tina’s sister, Minh, Anthony is realized to be the carrier of her long lost soul mate’s spirit. However, the disparity between the spiritual world and the physical reality we know brings upon periods of denial and conflict that occur within the family.

Tina, now accepting her 3TKarma, is challenged to balance her spiritual duty in the present and as it translates back in time; all the while, she is being subconsciously guided by her soul mate’s spirit through dreams and her sister’s prayers. Depicting a real life story of hardship, struggle, love, and success, 3TKarma demonstrates the strength of a family’s generations, the ever undeniability of hope, and the timism that exists in the world if you just choose to see it. This drama filled story is meant to inspire.